The Classics Guide: Navigation

NOTE: If you’re new to The Classics Guide, please start with the introduction.


Introduction: The Guide to the Guide

  1. Series One: “Curiosity in a Junkyard”
    • Part One
      • An Unearthly Child
      • The Daleks
      • The Edge of Destruction
      • Marco Polo
    • Part Two
      • The Keys of Marinus
      • The Aztecs
      • The Sensorites
      • The Reign of Terror
  2. Series Two: “Specialising in Trouble”
    • Part One
      • Planet of Giants
      • The Dalek Invasion of Earth
      • The Rescue
      • The Romans
    • Part Two
      • The Web Planet
      • The Crusade
      • The Space Museum
      • The Chase
      • The Time Meddler
  3. Series Three: “Miscalculation by the Doctor”
    • Part One (coming soon)
      • Galaxy 4
      • “Mission to the Unknown”
      • The Myth Makers
    • Part Two (coming soon)
      • The Daleks Master Plan
      • The Massacre of St Bartholomew’s Eve
      • The Ark
    • Part Three (coming soon)
      • The Celestial Toymaker
      • The Gunfighters
      • The Savages
      • The War Machines

More coming soon!

Appendix: Guide to “Watching” the Lost Episodes


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