The Basics

There are a few things that every Whovian should know, and this is the place for them.

The Doctors

Here are the eleven actors the play the Doctor so far. Note that Matt Smith’s dates are now 2010-2013, and Peter Capaldi will be portraying the Twelfth Doctor from the 25th of December 2013. There is also a Doctor between Paul McGann and Christopher Eccleston, known as “the War Doctor”  (John Hurt), who doesn’t appear in this video.

The Companions

There have been many companions to travel with the Doctor, and a fantastic ‘list’ can be found here. Note that since this video’s creation, Amy Pond and Rory Williams departed in 2012 and Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) joined the Doctor that same year.

The Regenerations

Every regeneration scene, including the last and first words of each Doctor (with the exception of the first Doctor as his last words only exist on audio) including Smith to Capaldi.

The Themes

This isn’t as important, but still good to know. This video features every version of the theme televised up to and including the 2013 series.

The Masters

Once again not very important, but still handy to know.
Fun fact: Eric Roberts in Julia Roberts’ brother. Some critics said his performance in the TV movie was so terrible “the CGI snake did a better job”.


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