One-Hundred-and-Eleven Memories

I was thinking, I have to do something on here to commemorate Matt Smith’s departure. Normally I’m not into that type of thing, but he was my Doctor after all, and as I flicked though the hundreds of photos I’d collected of him over the past four years (totally not creepy) I realised just how much everything has changed since we first saw him adjust his bowtie.

So here they are, 111 photos, 111 memories. Matt Smith as the Doctor, Matt Smith as himself, Matt Smith between takes, Matt Smith probably walking down the road to buy milk, Smillan, Smoleman and Whouffle (I also really wanted to include that photo of him at the ATM but I couldn’t find it). Screenshots, paparazzi photos (which, by the way, I totally don’t condone. Haha) and snaps from the phones of my fellow Whovians. They’re in no particular order, and I tried to avoid official stills and posters – they’re boring, we’ve all seen them before.

Goodbye Matt Smith. We will always remember when the Doctor was you.

Note: If I have stolen any of your fanart I’m truly sorry, let me know if you want me to take it down.

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