Doctor Who: Legacy – Season 6 Level List

Hi everyone!

Following my list of season 7 levels, I now present my list of levels in season 6 of Doctor Who: Legacy. As per usual there shouldn’t be any mistakes, but let me know if there is. It is possible I’m missing one or two drops, any information would be fantastic.

List of Season 6 Levels

Each level is listed in order, followed by (where applicable) “rare drop” characters and costumes.

Number of levels: 64
TV stories covered: “A Good Man Goes to War”, The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon, The Girl Who Waited, Closing Time, The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People, Night Terrors, The Wedding of River Song
Companion drops: 20
Costume drops: 5

  1. Season 6 Prologue: The Chase
  2. Enter…The Zygons!
  3. A Good Man Goes to War: The 12th Cyber Legion
    • Companion drop: Dorium Maldovar
  4. A Good Man Goes to War: Demons Run
    • Costume drop: Madame Vastra swords
  5. A Good Man Goes to War: An Unholy Alliance
    • Costume drop: Strax armour
  6. A Good Man Goes to War: Colonel Manton
    • Costume drop: Jenny maid
  7. A Good Man Goes to War: Revelation
    • Companion drop: Lorna Bucket
  8. Church Paradox
  9. Sontaran Disturbance: The Bells of Saint John
    • Costume drop: The Eleventh Doctor prisoner
  10. The Impossible Astronaut
    • Companion drop: Canton Delaware III
  11. Day of the Moon
    • Companion drop: Old Canton Delaware III
  12. Zygon Ambush: Nefertiti and Riddell
  13. Weeping Angels: Revisited
    • Companion drop: UNIT Commander
  14. Time Attack: Angels
  15. Sontaran Disturbance: The Name of the Doctor
    • Costume drop: River Song denim
  16. The Girl Who Waited: Apalapucia?
  17. The Girl Who Waited: Two Streams
  18. The Girl Who Waited: Sacrifice
    • Companion drop: The Girl Who Waited
  19. Snowmen Revisited
  20. Closing Time: Under the Streets
  21. Closing Time: Dormant Patience
  22. Closing Time: Rising Up
  23. Closing Time: The Strength of a Father
    • Companion drop: Craig Owens
  24. Horror of the Silent
  25. Whispermen Nightmares
  26. Time Attack: Run!
  27. Zygon Ambush: Churchill and Malohkeh
    • Companion drop: Malohkeh
  28. Sontaran Disturbance: A Good Man Goes to War
  29. When Rorybots Attack!
    • Companion drop: Rory the Handbot
  30. Dalek Invasion 2024
  31. Dalek Invasion 2024: On the Dalek Ship
  32. Dalek Invasion 2024: Sudden Defence (Timed)
  33. Time Attack: Space Dreams of the Whispermen
  34. The Rebel Flesh: Solar Tsunami
    • Companion drop: Miranda Cleaves
  35. The Almost People: Revenge
  36. The Almost People: Mutation
    • Companion drop: Jennifer Lucas
  37. Time Attack: Dinosaurs!
  38. Zygon Ambush: The Paternoser Gang
  39. Angels Over London
  40. Night Terrors: Fears of a Child
  41. Night Terrors: A Wooden Horse
  42. Night Terrors: Nowhere to Run
    • Companion drop: Alex Thompson
  43. Night Terrors: Acceptance
    • Companion drop: George Thompson
  44. Zygon Ambush: UNIT
  45. Time Attack: Spoonheads
  46. Sontaran Reinforcements
  47. Time Attack: 1982
  48. Unholy Alliance: A New Ally
  49. Unholy Alliance: On the Run
  50. Unholy Alliance: Counterattack
  51. Unholy Alliance: Pulling the Strings
    • Companion drop: 11th Doctor Flesh Clone
  52. Whispers in the Orphanage
  53. The Wedding of River Song: The War of the Roses
  54. The Wedding of River Song: Weakest Link
  55. The Wedding of River Song: Sentinels of History
    • Companion drop: Captain Rory Williams
  56. The Wedding of River Song: Giza
  57. The Wedding of River Song: King’s Chamber
    • Companion drop: Special Agent Amy Pond
  58. When Spoonheads Attack!
  59. Zygon Ambush: Captain Henry Avery
    • Companion drop: Captain Henry Avery
  60. Second in Command
  61. Zygon Onslaught
  62. Time Attack: Cybermen and Daleks!
    • Companion drop: Bitey the Cybermat
  63. Harbingers of Bad Luck
    • Companion drop: Oswin Oswald
  64. Sontaran Captain Vade the Defiant
    • Companion drop: Winston Churchill (different to Fan Churchill despite his icon being the same)
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12 comments on “Doctor Who: Legacy – Season 6 Level List
  1. Karen says:

    There’s a companion drop in Enter… The Zygons! as well. It’s Jenny (The Doctor’s daughter).

  2. Kristi says:

    Time Attack: Angels has a drop
    It’s Martha Jones

  3. Jason says:

    In the time attack run level I received a character drop for a unit medic.

  4. Sarah Hampton says:

    On level 14 (the angel time attack) Martha Jones is dropped.

  5. kaboobie71 says:

    Here are the new Season 6 levels that were added this week:

    65. Escape / At another time, another place
    66. The fall of Sontar
    67. The Drums
    68. Old friends, older enemies part 1
    69. Old friends, older enemies part 2 (Companion Drop: Jack Harkness)

  6. Psyduck says:

    Hello, I noticed you do not have Handles listed on #28. I see it on the Character Guide page, but just not here. Not sure if you knew or not.

    • Oh, thanks :) Yeah I made the list right when the game was brand new, so it doesn’t have Handles, the adipose, Martha, the classic Doctors etc on it. I was going to updates it when they finally release the season 6/7 patch later this week

  7. Gabriel says:

    Handles was added as a rare drop in Sontaran Disturbence: A Good Man Goes to War
    Also in your list of Red Charachters there is the Church Cleric, and it says she can be unlocked in Second in Command but she’s not there in this list

  8. […] Doctor Who: Legacy – Season 6 Level List ( […]

  9. elizabizzle says:

    Level 17 is two streams, not screams :)

    Also level 26 is timed!

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