Doctor Who: Legacy – Season 7 Level List & Mini-Guide

See also: List of Season 6 Levels

More Doctor Who: Legacy posts! I know!

As a follow up from my character guide and season 7 teams post I’ve been asked by a few people if I could list all the levels in season 7. I figured I might as well list the character drops too and make a bit of a “mini-guide” out of it.

There shouldn’t be any mistakes, but let me know if there is. Also, it’s worth noting that, as far as we can tell, characters that drop from a particular season are not necessarily available in that season’s character roll.

Also, see the end for extra hints on drop rates, passing levels and unlocking characters!

List of Season 7 Levels

Each level is listed in order, followed by (where applicable) “rare drop” characters and costumes.

Number of levels: 48
TV stories covered: Nightmare in Silver, Asylum of the Daleks, The Snowmen, The Angels Take Manhattan, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, The Bells of Saint John, The Name of the Doctor
Doctor Drops: 4
Companion drops:
Costume drops: 8

  1. Nightmare in Silver: Closed For Business
  2. Nightmare in Silver: Stalemate!
  3. Nightmare in Silver: Mr Clever
    • Companion drop: Porridge
  4. Asylum of the Daleks: Graveyard
  5. Asylum of the Daleks: Corridor 5L
  6. Asylum of the Daleks: Intensive Care
    • Companion drop: Rory Williams
  7. Dalek Paradox
    • Doctor drop: The Tenth Doctor
  8. Sontaran Disturbance: England
    • Costume drop: The Eleventh Doctor stetson (may be incorrect, please confirm)
  9. The Snowmen: Backstreets of London
  10. The Snowmen: The Latimer Residence
  11. The Snowmen: The Great Intelligence
    • Companion drop: Strax
  12. March of the Cybermen
  13. The Red Castle
    • Companion drop: Punishment Solider
  14. Ascent of the Governess
    • Companion drop: Punishment Medic
  15. The Silent Paradox
    • Doctor drop: The Sixth Doctor
  16. Time Attack: The Silent
    • Companion drop: Artie Maitland
  17. Sontaran Disturbance: USA
    • Costume drop: The Eleventh Doctor monk (may be incorrect, please confirm)
  18. Angels Take Manhattan: 2012
  19. Angels Take Manhattan: The Basement
  20. Angels Take Manhattan: 1938
    • Companion drop: River Song
  21. Hearts of Steel
  22. Nerves of Dalekanium
    • Companion drop: Angie Maitland
  23. Fists of Arnickleton
    • Companion drop: Clara Oswald
  24. Dinosaurs on a Spaceship: Incoming 6H 19M!
  25. Dinosaurs on a Spaceship: Awakening
  26. Dinosaurs on a Spaceship: Run!
    • Companion drop: Brian Williams
  27. Solomon’s Robots
    • Companion drop: Queen Nefertiti
  28. Terror of the Weeping Angels
  29. Revenge of Liberty
    • Companion drop: Sam Garner
  30. Daleks and Cybermen!
  31. Time Attack: Daleks and Cybermen
  32. Sontaran Disturbance: Mars
    • Costume drop: The Eleventh Doctor bike helmet & goggles
  33. Stampeding Dinosaurs!
    • Companion drop: John Riddell
  34. Paradox of the Weeping Angels
    • Doctor drop: The Seventh Doctor
  35. The Bells of Saint John: R Y C B A R 1 2 3
  36. The Bells of Saint John: Miss Kizlet
  37. The Bells of Saint John: He Returns
    • Companion drop: Spoonhead 11th Doctor
  38. Attack of the Season 7 Robots
    • Costume drop: Porridge Nightmare in Silver variation
  39. Time Attack: Robots!
    • Costume drop: John Riddell Dinosaurs on a Spaceship variation
  40. The Return of Mr Clever
    • Companion drop: UNIT Solider
  41. Sontaran Disturbance: The Snowmen
    • Costume drop: The Eleventh Doctor soothsayer
  42. The Name of the Doctor: A Shared Dream
  43. The Name of the Doctor: Trenzalore
  44. The Name of the Doctor: A Wound in Time
    • Costume drop: The Eleventh Doctor fez
  45. The Allies of the Great Intelligence
  46. Time Attack: The allies of the Great Intelligence
    • Costume drop: Clara “Oswin Oswald” dress
  47. Whispermen Paradox
    • Doctor drop: The Eighth Doctor
  48. Season 7 Finale: An Ancient Hatred
    • Companion drop: Amy Pond

Tips for Beating Levels & Unlocking Characters

Please note some of the information in this section came from this fantastic mini-strategy guide, which goes through not only the basics of the game but tips for beating levels and ranking up characters. Be sure to check it out if you’re having problems passing levels or understanding gameplay.

  • Every enemy has its own gem colour, and the colour determines what colour time fragment they have a chance of dropping.
    • This means that, based on the colour of the time fragments shown on the “level select” screen, you can determine the colour of the majority of the enemies you’ll be up against for that particular level.
    • Pink fragments don’t drop until season 6, and have an equal chance to drop across all characters.
  • Think of gem colours in the following way: blue = water, red = fire, green = grass, yellow = gold and black = silver. Water beats fire, fire beats grass and grass beats water. Gold and silver beat each other but are vulnerable to nothing. In other words, Pokemon!
    • This means that you can tailor your team for a level before you’ve even played it – if the most common fragments in a level are blue and yellow then come prepared with a team with more green and black characters and less red ones.
  • When you finish season 7 the price of the season 7 character roll reduces to 3 crystals, and down again to 2 when you finish season 6.
  • The “chance to drop” rate is always fixed, no matter how strong your team is, how many combos you get or any other factors. Porridge, Rory, all the Doctors and all characters in the fan area have a 100% drop rate, the rest are variable. As far as I can tell costumes have the highest chance to drop, followed by supporting characters and then “real” companions.
  • Time crystals are different. Some levels have “guaranteed” crystals that you will always earn the first time you win (eg the season 7 finale will always give you 4 crystals). Aside from that they have a very very low random drop rate.
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26 comments on “Doctor Who: Legacy – Season 7 Level List & Mini-Guide
  1. Warrenpeace says:

    I’ve been trying to determine for quite some time why Tom Baker is not part of the collection of Doctors at the startup screen. Does that mean he’s not part of this game at all? Would you happen to know why, if that’s the case?

  2. […] take you quite a while to get through. An excellent beginner’s guide to the game can be found here.) As your team defeats enemies, those enemies will occasionally drop time fragments and crystals. […]

  3. Sythe_ofDeath says:

    I need like one more time crystal to get K9. I have played every level at least 25 times and still no time crystal and very few time fragments. What is going on I need help.

    • Hi,
      Time crystals have a very low chance to drop in levels, like 1/100 or something. The easiest way to get them is through promos, for example there’s five codes on the DW legacy facebook page as we speak that will give you five free crystals. They expire on the 20th so get in quick ;D

  4. stuart says:

    cant beat season 7 hearts of steel

  5. Psyduck says:

    Sorry, I didn’t realized I posted the last message multiple times. Was wondering what the TV icon is on the level select. I’m just curious to know what that means. Thanks.

    • No worries ;D the TV icons don’t mean anything to the game, it’s just saying that those levels came from real episodes on TV. Thanks so much for reading, good luck completing seasons 7 and 6!

  6. Psyduck says:

    Is it possible to get K9 through the Crystal Roll? I just started playing 2 days ago, and I would love to get him.


  7. Psyduck says:

    Is it possible to get K9 through the Crystal Roll? I just started playing this game 2 days ago. I would love to get him. Thanks.

  8. Psyduck says:

    Is it possible to get K9 on the crystal roll? I just got this game and I would love to get him :) Thanks.

    • Hi, I have a feeling K9 is nor part of any roll yet, but I know they’re going to be adding him and Sarah Jane as a random drop soon – so he’ll be added to the roll of whichever season he’s in.

  9. Dave says:

    Hi, I have completed some levels and the companions didn’t drop upon completion!! Clara & Angie. Any ideas please? I completed level 23 twice and Clara still doesn’t appear in the TARDIS. Thanks in advance

    • Hi Dave,
      The drop rate (aka ‘chance to drop’) for characters is very small, quite often you will have to play levels anywhere between 15-50 times for a companion to drop. The only exception is the Doctors, they always drop first time. In the early stages of the game I think spending your earned crystals on limited characters and characters packs is a good idea, you can see my character guide to help you decide who you want to buy.

  10. Tmryan93 says:

    Something that I’ve noticed, I could possibly be seeing something that isn’t there, is that if you mess around with the power ups (for example: three rounds, power up during the first, second, or third, playing three different times), the rare drops happen faster. Several times, I’ve saved the power ups for the ‘boss’ level, used them, then have gotten the drop. Other times, if I don’t use any power ups, I’ll usually get the drop or fragments.

  11. Hi I have taken your work and started working on a step by step, what to expect…each and every round. so people can know what to expect in each round of each level and setup a team to match the enemies from the start. What do you think of that idea?

  12. SaveMeBarry says:

    been trying to get Clara and River for ever

  13. randomperson says:

    I got an outfit drop for Strax on the roll which was not included in your list.

    • Oh really? Not the sontaran armour?

    • kaboobie71 says:

      Now that you mention it, I got Sontaran Armor through S7 roll, but it drops in S6. I think I read that others have received UNIT Commander the same way, Perhaps this is an indicator that the Church characters, which you can currently get only through S6 roll, will drop normally in S5.

      • Yes that had occurred to me, I’m pretty sure I got the UNIT Medic the same way. It’s interesting, because her profile lists her appearance as “The Bells of Saint John” and UNIT don’t make an appearance in series 6, so why she drops there I have no idea

  14. kaboobie71 says:

    I’m almost certain Punishment Medic dropped during Ascent of the Governess, because that’s one of the levels I played over and over to get the character.

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