Doctor Who: Legacy – 4 Teams You Can Use Throughout Season 7

Update: I’ve written a list of season 7 levels with some basic gameplay tips.

After a lot of play and experimentation, I finally managed to complete season 7 in Doctor Who: Legacy. I’ve noticed a lot of people having trouble getting past particular levels are are keen to move on to season 6, so I thought I’d share some of the teams I used to get past the more difficult foes.

A few things to note about this guide and what drove me to choose my teams:

  • None of these teams contain any fan characters or the notoriously impossible-to-unlock River Song, so they are fairly accessible to everyone. If you’re missing some of the characters you can check out my character guide to explore how you can unlock them or who you can substitute them with.
  • I like to have 4 different gem colours on my team.
  • I prefer characters who can increase my HP directly instead of converting other gems to pink ones.
  • I’m not a fan of characters who can increase the effectiveness of gems, they don’t really suit my style of play.
  • I used other teams throughout the season, but these are the ones I had the most success with.
  • Ignore the levels and stats of the characters in the screenshots, I took them when I was well into season 6.

Team 1 – Early Stages

team 1

Team: Ten, Jenny, Strax, Vastra, Rory and Porridge

After unlocking Ten and Strax, this was the team I had the most success with early in the season. I used to to get past the infamous ‘Angel levels’, (which is surprising actually, seeing as red isn’t very effective on some of the angels) and it was only around Dinosaurs on a Spaceship that I had to switch to a more ‘blue-heavy’ team.


  • Ten, Strax and Rory all have HP increase abilities, enabling you to spend more time matching other colours and beating the enemy.
  • Jenny can convert the ‘useless’ (in this case) blue gems to red, allowing you get awesome triple-whammy red attacks.


  • Doesn’t work so well later on in the game.

Team 2 – Dinosaurs & Spoonheads

team 2

Team: Eleven, Rory, Clara, Strax, Punishment Soldier and Vastra

The dinosaurs are vulnerable to blue, so the addition of Eleven to this team is a big help. It’s also a little more balanced, so it works better in levels such as “Attack of the Season 7 Robots” that features a wider variety of monsters. I also used this team to defeat the spoonheads.


  • More balanced, so it works in the ‘variety levels’
  • “To the point” abilities – three characters have direct healing and three have direct attack.


  • The big one here is that there’s no conversion ability – the black gems basically just build up and do nothing, and you have to match them just to get rid of them.
  • Doesn’t work against enemies who are keen on converting your pink gems into black ones.

Team 3 – The Whispermen

team 3

Team: Eleven, Sam Garner, Queen Nefertiti, Clara, Vastra and Porridge

After a ton of experimentation, this is the team that finally got me past The Name of the Doctor levels. I love it – you could call it my ‘dream team’ and I still use it in season 6. Nefertiti is a fantastic character – at rank 2 she heals 800 HP. Porridge can easily be substituted for K9 if you prefer his stun ability.


  • Sam Garner converts ‘useless’ green gems to blue, once again allowing you to get some great combos and do a lot of damage
  • Neffy and Clara have great healing abilities at rank 2
  • It also depends on how you distribute your points, but for me this team has a seriously high combined HP


  • Rubbish against the spoonheads as blue is less effective against them.

Team 4 – Season 7 Finale

team 4

Team: Ten, Queen Nefertiti, Sam Garner, Vastra, Porridge, K9

The only time my ‘dream team’ didn’t work so well was the season 7 finale, but this slight variation worked a treat.


  • The governess likes to use the ‘black ice’ ability to convert your pink gems to black, so two black characters and three with big healing abilities works a treat. If you’re having issues keeping your HP up you can replace Sam with a healing character, but you’ll become inundated with green gems that you can’t convert.


  • None, really. I beat the level first go with this team. Just be sure to keep your combos up so you can access Ten’s ability.

I hope this guide was a help! If you have different teams you like to play with or worked out a good variation of any of  mine, please share!

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32 comments on “Doctor Who: Legacy – 4 Teams You Can Use Throughout Season 7
  1. Scott says:

    This team kills most anything in sight before they can attack. So far I’ve used it for all levels

    11th Doctor Rank 4
    Vastra Level 50 (Yellow/Blue)
    River Song Level 46 (Red/Black)
    Porridge Level 50 (Black/Blue)
    Adipose Level 50 (Yellow/Black)

    My sixth character is usually a green – usually Lorna Bucket Level 40

    I’m currently carrying Gabbie Level 15 to get her ranked up to give Red a bigger punch at the expense of green

    With Lorna Bucket the team is
    HP 21086
    ATK 13025
    Heal 2303

    With Gabbie
    HP 19677
    ATK 11495
    Heal 2297

    I survive most levels using combos for massive attacks and massive healings. Sometime I just let the characters hit me and kill them off since my HP can handle just about any single attack and usually several before it becomes critical to heal.
    The Adipose Black to Gold conversion is especially useful since it uses adds the 5% attack/10%Heal special combo (set to Horizontal line)

  2. Cristian says:

    11 Doctor,Vastra,Jenny,Clara Oswan,Porridge and Lorna Bucket

    War Doctor,Vastra,Clara Oswan +,Silent Blue and Green and Ianto +

  3. Second Silver says:

    Managed to survive with mostly the same team, still halfway at S6.

    11, Vastra, Amy, Rory, Clara, River.

    I had Jenny instead of Clara at the start, but her ability was the same as River’s and since my little sister likes River more (and it’s not like I have much choice if I still want to play), I kind of left her back in the TARDIS. Two healers helps wonders.

    The one other time I changed was because of the cursed poison from the Gangers arc. Replaced 11 with 8. Useless blue pieces filling the field with me forgetting that I had River there…

    The comment was supposed to continue here, but my mind decided to erase itself. So this means either there is a Silent here or I’m sleepy. Likely both. Bye.

  4. Joelandrew says:

    I have a team that wins in almost all levels, Eight, Spoonhead, Handles, Clara, Sam Garner, Brian Williams

    When their abilities get active, use Spoonhead, Handles, Sam, Brian, and Clara if needed. You will be left with a mass of blue, yellow, and sometimes pink. Match the yellow and it will create a super strong attack, effective against all colors.

  5. Steve White says:

    Any chance of a teams for series 6 list please? Getting owned by a Zygon level and i’m unsure who to bring up to help me beat it. Thanks

    • I just used my team 4 from series 7, swapping Sam for the punishment medic in the levels with poison. I hope that helps :)

      • Steve White says:

        Thanks I guess I’ll level her up then! Started to get Artie up last night for the extra healing, but didn’t get too far. I use your team 4, except I use McGann as the Doctor as it seems to work slightly better and he can heal or remove poison. I just can’t time the moves right to remove it and heal, so two removers would be better.

      • Oh yes fair enough, when I completed the game we only had Ten and Eleven, so you definitely have the advantage. I hope it works for you anyway

  6. Nigel Sookram says:

    I use the 11th doctor..vastra.jennie punishment soldier..and river..artie is an unsung hero as his ability to turn gems pink is a lifesaver..

  7. peter says:

    For the life of me I can’t get passed the final episode in Season 7. Working on building the team you said above.. Hope it works.. I get killed in like 3 moves…freaking annoying.
    Need two drops…Actually where is K9 dropped from?

    • He came from the advent promotion, codes are available on the legacy Facebook Page – the last one they posted gives you everything from the entire promotion. You can also get and ood and Sarah Jane, which is pretty cool. Pretty sure the codes expire today so you better get in quick! And good luck, I hope my team works for you :)

  8. I used 11 with Vastra, Clara, Rory, K-9 and Angie for most everything. I switched Rory with the Punishment Medic to get through those rounds in season six.

  9. Steve White says:

    I use your team 3 and am well into S6 with little issue. I will say that swapping Sam Garner for Artie Maitland is a must if you feel you lack healing, however I found Artie is always a few levels too low when you do, so you have to grind a little.

  10. Wonny says:

    Is Strax’s ability the same as Clara’s or is Clara’s better

  11. artie maitland I add to get rid if the greens. I use Vastra, Porridge, k9, rory, and artie. I use 11 unless im going against blue heavy then I use 10.

  12. cygnetseven says:

    Can you post an episode listing please?

  13. kaboobie71 says:

    My core team is 11th Doctor, Vastra, Strax, Rory, and Porridge. All of them are maxed out at Level 40. The sixth spot I rotate depending on special needs. Usually I have Punishment Soldier for extra damage dealing. If the level has enemies that poison you (not sure if Season 7 has any, but Season 6 has plenty), I’ll use Punishment Medic. And if I am battling healing enemies, I will use K9 and try to slow them down with his stun ability.

    I just completed Season 6 yesterday, but not without liberal use of Time Crystals!

    • I’m a bit over halfway season 6, still using team 3. Yeah I bought 6 extra crystals and got the fan area and women pack and that pretty much got me through. The rest I spend on rolls but that’s more for collection purposes

  14. Michael says:

    there is one other team but I bought one of them using crystals when he was on offer the spoonhead doctor my team was 11,vastra,flint,porridge,rory and spoonhead the 4 at the start are easy to get and if you want 2 blues use Neffertiti instead of spoonhead I used this team all the way through season 7 and 6 sometimes I would change to 10th Dr if I needed a health boost but more or less I didn’t have to change at all

    • Yeah, spoonhead’s a good one too. Interesting that you managed to do the whole lot with just one team!

      • Michael says:

        if you look on their fb page and go down a bit you will see my dream team and my other teams and as you can tell they are no where near strong enough to beat even half the game my main teams my dream team, how I played it was always attack with the blue first if there wasn’t 5 blues I’d go for a combo of blue and yellow as they are my strongest and as soon as I got attacked for damage I’d use a combo of blue yellow and pink attack and heal and I’d save Rorys heal just incase I ran out of pinks I wouldn’t use them straight away save them up get as many as you can on the board and wham from like 100 health to over 10000 I think also it maybe how iv spread my points across them for my healers I did mainly atk attributes and for my attackers I did a mix of health and attack but now I have my main team completely maxed at rank 40 I tend to destroy anything there with just my 11th and spoonhead the others are just like backup really the more you learn how to combo the attacks and health the further you will go with little effort, sorry for the long reply lol ;) I get carried away sometimes

      • Yeah, I saw some of your teams. Nice strategy you have there ;)

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