The TV Movie: The Hilarity of the Situation


Let’s face it – the 1996 TV movie is more than a bit rubbish. The plot doesn’t make sense, the pace is terrible, and it wanders so far from the Doctor Who cannon most of the “facts” it establishes are pretty much ignored by everyone. Don’t get me wrong, I love Paul McGann’s Doctor and the actual execution of the script wasn’t half bad, but overall the film is just a little cringe-worthy.

However, the Eighth Doctor’s single television story is still entertaining for all the wrong reasons, and every time I watch it I find myself in fits of laughter. Here’s a handful of moments that make Doctor Who worth an hour-and-a-half of your time.

The Morgue


I don’t know why, but for some reason I always find the scene were the Doctor bashes down the morgue door hilarious. I’m not sure if it’s the sheet that does it, or the way he puts on that ‘dazed and confused’ look, but by the time the guy faints and the Doctor just waddles past him – without even bothering to check of he’s okay – I’m practically crying.

The Hospital “Lockers”


Soon after regenerating, the Doctor raids the hospital lockers for a new costume. And he’s in luck, because they all happen to be unlocked.

Dr Grace Holloway’s Dress


Grace Holloway’s dress is the single most awful thing in the whole universe. Seriously, I find it very hard to believe it was ever fashionable, even in 1996.

“Bruce, you’re sick.” “Thank you.”

156 07
No master, that wasn’t a-
Oh, never mind.

“I always drezz for the occasion”

156 08
Mention Eric Roberts’ Master to practically any Whovian, and they’ll position their arms in the infamous ‘swan’ pose and reply with “I always drezz for the occasion.”

The Retirement TARDIS

156 01
It’s silly and doesn’t really make any sense, but it’s still kind of funny Doctor just kind of went “I’m tired of saving the universe. I’m going to turn my console room into a lounge room and spend all day eating jelly babies, reading Earth literature and listening to music on tedious, primitive equipment.”

Like I said, it doesn’t really make any sense.

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11 comments on “The TV Movie: The Hilarity of the Situation
  1. Best thing is Sylvester McCoy got a choice of not wearing the sweater he hated.

  2. XxXLazorBoy1337XxX says:

    You did NOT just dis vinyl! Did she dis vinyl? I think she did yes. Don’t dis vinyl! Vinyl’s awesome.

  3. Ah, they’re either trying to be accessible or showing I Watch Old Stuff Too. But I agree, the new TARDIS is great. Disco isn’t dead! By the way, The War Rabbit is me of course. I couldn’t see the G+ login on the mobile site.

  4. The War Rabbit says:

    Well, I thought the Frankenstein parallel in the morgue scene was ham-fisted. But all Frankenstein references are.

    But, the loungeroom TARDIS? It was the best thing about the TV movie! Better than 9 & 10’s TARDIS – it looked like cyclotron with a tree growing through it.

    • I agree with the Frankenstein reference, they were probably trying to made it more accessible to a new audience by giving them something to relate DW back to but it’s a bit painful. And I do like the actual TARDIS design, I just don’t like the lounge aspect. Personally the new TARDIS is my fave, I like the way it nods back to the classic design.

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