Doctor Who: Legacy Character Guide

About This Guide

This guide outlines the various characters found in Doctor Who: Legacy and their gem colour, special abilities, outfits and ways they can be obtained. It was originally designed to help players decide who they wanted to try and unlock, and is a constant work in progress with contributions from many members of the Whovian community. Anyone is welcome to contribute, if you are new please read the loose guidelines found toward the end of this guide. Please note that while we try to keep this guide as accurate as possible there may still be some errors, let me know in the comments if there’s anything that needs fixing.

It is extremely important to understand that special abilities don’t count for everything. Every character begins with unique HP, attack and heal points, and these automatically increase every time you level up (not just rank up). Bear in mind that this is all completely separate to how you choose to distribute your points. For example, Strax and Clara have exactly the same gem colour and special abilities, but Clara has a much higher HP than Strax, so the outcome can be completely different depending on who you play with. If you want more information see Craig’s spreadsheet under the ‘external links’ section of my guides page.


18/04/14 – I’m back! I really want to apologise for not keeping this up-to-date, March and April were totally hectic months and I had to let a lot of things (including my blog) slide in order to keep up. I have season 5 sitting on my tablet, but I”m not touching it until I get this guide up to date. Again, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. Please keep all your season 5 contributions coming, I still really need your help more than ever to fill in those gaps!

5/3/14 (4:42 am GMT) – New patch being released today! I’m a bit busy at the moment, but give me until the end of the day (GMT, I’m actually in a different time zone but we’ll go with that) and I should have any new content up here. Once again anything you can offer is helpful :)

15/01/14 – I know a lot of content is due to be released soon, I’ll try my best to keep up. Please bear in mind I’m in a different time zone to most of you, so please give me up to 24 hours after a character has been released to add it to the guide. In reality I’m on here multiple times a day so it shouldn’t take that long.

Guide Contents

  • Blue Gem Characters
  • Red Gem Characters
  • Green Gem Characters
  • Yellow Gem Characters
  • Black Gem Characters
  • A Few Things to Note About Contributions
  • Character Roll Tips
  • Notes Regarding River Song
  • Missing Characters (Unknown Gem Colour)

Thanks to arthur1812, Daniel Townsend and kaboobie71 for their major contributions, and also Foggy Leggy, Kev-Kev, Erik, bar s, StTyrael, orangeplumbob, tps, David Markfield, Howard, Craig, Fiveofeight, Elewynn, Wonny, Mlu and Euan. Also, thanks to Tiny Rebel Games for listing this guide on their site!

Blue Gem Characters

This section currently contains:

  • The First Doctor
  • The Eleventh Doctor
  • Adipose (Blue)
  • Angie Maitland
  • Bitey the Cybermat
  • Captain Rory Williams
  • Dorium Maldovar
  • Queen Nefertiti
  • Sam Garner
  • Silent Priest (Blue)
  • Spoonhead 11th Doctor
  • Vincent Van Gogh
  • 11th Doctor Flesh Clone

Red Gem Characters

This section currently contains:

  • The War Doctor
  • The Tenth Doctor
  • Adipose (Red)
  • Church Cleric
  • Clara Oswald
  • Fan Ood Sigma
  • Ianto Jones
  • Jennifer Lucas
  • Jenny
  • Martha Jones
  • Meta Crisis Tenth Doctor
  • River Song
  • Rory the Handbot
  • Silent Priest (Red)
  • Special Agent Amy Pond
  • Strax
  • Winston Churchill

Green Gem Characters

This section currently contains:

  • The Second Doctor
  • The Seventh Doctor
  • Adipose (Green)
  • Artie Maitland
  • Captain Henry Avery
  • Church Verger
  • Craig Owens
  • Fan Churchill
  • Lorna Bucket
  • Punishment Medic
  • Rory Williams
  • The Girl Who Waited
  • UNIT Medic
  • UNIT Soldier

Yellow Gem Characters

This section currently contains:

  • The Third Doctor
  • The Sixth Doctor
  • Adipose (Yellow)
  • Alex Thompson
  • Amy Pond
  • Brian Williams
  • Canton Delaware III
  • Church Bishop
  • Handles
  • Jack Harkness
  • Madame Vastra
  • Ood
  • Old Canton Delaware III
  • Punishment Soldier
  • Sarah Jane Smith

Black Gem Characters

This section currently contains:

  • The Eighth Doctor
  • The Ninth Doctor
  • Adipose (Black)
  • Dr. Edwin Bracewell
  • George Thompson
  • John Riddell
  • K9 Mk 2
  • Malohkeh
  • Miranda Cleaves
  • Oswin Oswald
  • Porridge
  • Silent Priest (Black)
  • Stormageddon
  • Tasha Lem
  • UNIT Commander

A Few Things to Note About Contributions

I have hardly any rules regarding contributions and don’t mind how much or little you contribute, but please note the following:

  1. Please comment if you can add anything – whether it be new characters, screenshots or just a small gap – and I’ll credit you at the top of the guide. I’m also happy to include a link to a profile or blog of your choice.
  2. Comments are disabled on all other character guide pages, please only post your contributions on this one.
  3. I try to moderate comments ASAP but it may take me up to 24 hours (or, in some rare cases, 48) to update the actual guide. I’ve arranged the comments so the newest ones are displayed first, so if you can’t find some information it may be in the first few comments.
  4. Apologies if I miss any of your comments or forget to credit you, don’t be afraid to give me a prod! I don’t bite, I promise.
  5. Thanks all screenshot submitters, I appreciate that uploading them to a third party site is extra trouble. It’s best to take the shot at the “rank” screen, that way I can get the character’s icon, rank and special ability details all in one go.
  6. If you know of a character that’s not listed anywhere on this guide, please let me know. Even if you don’t know the gem colour or anything about them its still helpful to know they exist.
  7. The end of this page contains characters with an unknown gem colour, getting information on these is a priority. Even if you only know their colour (eg you’ve seen somebody else’s screenshot) it’s a huge help.

Character Roll Tips

When you start the game the price of the season 7 character roll is 4 crystals. Upon completion of season 7 it the price of the roll goes down to 3 crystals, and down again to 2 when you finish season 6. Some characters are roll-exclusive, so you should definitely consider it when it comes to spending your hard-earned crystals. (thanks to arthur1812)

Notes Regarding River Song

It’s come to my attention that most search engine hits for this guide come from people trying to unlock River. She is an notoriously difficult character to unlock, and there is nothing you can do to improve your “rare drop” rate – it’s fixed regardless of how strong you are or how many combos you get. Her gem colour and special ability is the same as Jenny’s so she may not be worth your time trying to unlock anyway, but it’s of course up to you. If you need help completing levels (the ‘basement level’ seems to be the one most people get stuck on) be sure to check out these external guides. If you get past the angel levels you have the chance to unlock characters like Nefetiti and Brian, who may turn out to be much more valuable members of your team.

Missing Characters (Unknown Gem Colour)

These characters are a priority, if you know anything about them please comment.

  • Liz X
  • The Fifth Doctor (release expected soon)
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